How Is Having A Demat Account Beneficial?

How Is Having A Demat Account Beneficial?

Dematerialized account, or as we all generally term it, a Demat account is like an account where one can safely keep their securities and shares that have been traded by them but through an electronic medium. When one purchases shares of a definite company or invests in further securities, they change to electronic assets and these assets are stored safely in his portfolio until he decides to trade them. The Demat account leads to easy trading and investment. 

• Before the world was introduced to the concept of the demat account, the trading of shares was made through paper works, and the traded shares existed in the form of papers. The person trading shares of a definite company had to maintain a dozen papers. Now paper being a degradable substance couldn’t survive for a long time hence is at risk of tampering, and safekeeping dozens of papers increased the vulnerability of theft or loss. Demat accounts help in the trading of shares online, without any hustle. It’s completely online, and one can store his documents and shares electronically in a virtual depository. 

• When you have a Demat account, it can help you in making immediate and easy trading of shares through digital gadgets, which save a huge amount of your time. 

• While trading a deal with various kinds and several numbers of physical documents. You can’t carry your papers and shares everywhere with you, but you have access to your Demat account irrespective of the place and time even through a smartphone. 

• It keeps a track of your past as well as present transactions of shares, lessening your hustle, and easing the trading process for you. 

• When you have a Demat account, it will help you in keeping a watch on your financial statement. 

• The digit of physical documents can be countless, and keeping them safe is another hectic job. The danger of forgery is very high in offline trading. The Demat account here benefits you in online trading with zero physical documents. 

• It not only functions as a security deposit for your saving. You can avail different kinds of bank loans by the securities that have been stored in your Demat account by you. During the procedure of availing of a loan, the securities can be undertaken as collateral.

• When you have a Demat account, it opens a lot of options for you to save in. Saving in various ways is possible here. 

• Dispensation from TDS has been granted by the CBDT, i.e., the Central Board of Direct Taxes, when a person pays directly through his Demat account and no TDS would get deducted from the interest one receives on their securities. But when he is creating a Demat account, it is important to save their securities in Demat mode and list them on the NSE and BSE.

Trading and investing in offline mode will eat up our time in this era where even 24 hours isn’t enough for us to cope with our workloads. Hence, when we are receiving the same value with lots of more facilities through the online mode, why not avail it? Investment through trading, that too at your fingertips! Hence, opening the demat account with market players like 5paisa is surely a beneficial decision.

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