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A Quick Guide to PPF Calculator

When you invest money somewhere, you want to see how much gain you get overtime right? Well, what if you can calculate it in advance so as to make r right decision?  Well, ppf (public provident fund) is a long-term type of investment option that offers you a fixed rate of interest and even returns on the sum you invest.  The coolest thing is you can use a ppf calculator and ensure that you have a good idea about how much you would get.

You know this is one investment type that offers you a safe investment option to save taxes and even earn guaranteed returns. A ppf type of calculator lets you calculate the maturity amount on the basis of the sum invested.

What really is ppf?

The goal of the ppf, which was first implemented in the country in the year 1968, was to mobilize tiny contributions for investment and return. It can even be referred to as an investment vehicle that simply enables you to accumulate retirement funds at the same time reducing yearly taxes. A ppf account should be opened by anybody who is looking for a secure investment alternative to diminish taxes and earn assured profits.

It would not be wrong to say that ppf is one of the finest and popular investing options for the ones with a limited tolerance for risk. Ppf is a government-sponsored type of scheme and the investment is somewhat unrelated to the market. As a result, it offers you guaranteed returns to meet your needs for safe investments. Ppf accounts diversify an investor’s portfolio because their returns are somewhat fixed. They even offer advantages for tax savings. Of course, you can be sure that you get the returns you aspired for with ppf.

Using a calculator for ppf 

Well, a ppf type of calculator helps users like you plan your financial goals by giving you an estimate of returns based on the sum you invest and the duration. The calculator makes use of a 15-year tenure and the overall prevailing interest rate to compute the general returns as a standard procedure.

Withdraw of ppf amount 

Well, you can entirely withdraw from a ppf account only upon maturity or even after 15 years of running the account. After 15 years, an account holder may withdraw the complete balance in the ppf account, including the interest earned, and even the account can be terminated. However, in case ppf holders need money for any emergency, the scheme allows the partial type of withdrawals beginning in the seventh year or after the account has finished six years.

The Calculator Makes Things Easier 

If you are a layperson and you know nothing about how to do calculations of your ppf and all then relax. The ppf oriented calculator is there to help you make the right move. It ensures that you have a proper understanding of all the interests and everything that you may get over the period of time. Hence, you can make proper moves. 


To sum up, why stay doubtful about your interests and other things when you can use a calculator to ensure you know what exactly you are doing? Of course, a calculator for ppf is going to be really helpful for you in decision-making