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Reasons To Buy Unlisted Shares | The Game Of Trade

Perseverance is the key to success, and the same goes for buying shares. As they may know it requires a high level of perseverance due to its high-risk levels. It will pay off if they are prepared to go through many failures before finally becoming successful.

One method where patience is required at all times is buying unlisted shares. These are shares that have not been listed on any stock exchange yet, usually because they are too small with too few shareholders. They are sold by companies or by people who want to sell their shares in order for their company to grow further.

Despite the difficulty to buy unlisted shares there are several good reasons for which you should consider doing so, as follows:

1) One can start from a small share portfolio

The first reason is that it is a good investment for those who want to start from small money. It does not matter whether they have five 500 rs or 5000 rs, anybody can buy unregistered stocks and benefit from them. In this way they will be able to build their personal wealth without spending all their savings for it to work.

2) One will meet the company founders

Additionally, by buying unlisted shares they will have the opportunity to personally meet with the company founders and discuss their business plans directly with them. As an investor they are entitled to know what is happening behind the scenes; meetings like these give them access to information that most people don’t know about.

3) They will have the chance to control the company

They are also allowed to vote or nominate directors, which is another incentive for buying shares. This is almost impossible with listed companies but not so with unlisted ones. The more shares they buy, the more voting power they have. If they invest big enough, this gives them a lot of influence over how they run their business.

4) They will benefit from preferential treatment

As an unlisted share owner, they are entitled to certain benefits such as discounts on goods or services offered by the company. Nowadays these types of dealings usually include many more than just physical products. Their value also includes online services such as web hosting or maybe even internet marketing consultation, etcetera.

5) There are no restrictions on selling their shares

Finally, there are no restrictions on selling their unlisted shares at any time that they choose even if it is just five minutes after buying them! With listed shares usually there are many complicated rules and these can make investors unhappy because they feel as though they don’t have total freedom over what they do with them.
Every investment is risky, but this does not mean that they shouldn’t try it out. The unlisted shares list is definitely worth looking into; the only way to get ahead in life is by taking calculated risks and reaping their rewards. One should never be afraid of failure because this will put an end to their investments before they even get started!