Getting To Know Everything About Capgemini Shares

Getting To Know Everything About Capgemini Shares

Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd. (CTSIL) is a public limited company that was incorporated in the year 1993. It is one of the top companies with large offshore development centres in different parts of the country, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. It provides customized and packaged application development, outsources services for application maintenance, business intelligence services, and application re-engineering. Through this post, you will get to know everything about the Capgemini shares.

Capgemini was listed on the Bombay Stock of Exchange with the BSE code of 532337, and on the Nifty Stock of Exchange, with the NSE Symbol of IGS and ISIN of INE177B01016. But in the year 2008, CTSIL delisted itself from the Indian Stock Exchanges. The company currently has more than 13,000 shareholders. 

What are the different types of shareholding forms?

  • Bearer Form: This is the type of shareholding form in which it is the financial intermediary who holds the bearer’s security accounts. The particular financial intermediary is chosen by the shareholder, and it is the only one to know the real identity of the shareholder. Not even a company like CTSIL is aware of the shareholder’s identity. 
  • Registered Form: To make the communication easier between the company (CTSIL) issuing Capgemini unlisted shares and the shareholder, the identity of the specific shareholder is recorded in the books of Capgemini shares issuing company. 

The current valuation of the unlisted shares of Capgemini

Currently, the capgemini share price is Rs. 9000 per share and Earning Per Share (EPS) of the financial year 20-21 stands at 285. Therefore, P/E is 31x. 

How can the shareholders buy the Capgemini Shares?

There are many financial intermediaries through which a shareholder can buy the Capgemini shares. Here is the procedure that is followed by almost every intermediary for buying Capgemini unlisted shares:

  1. First, the booking of CTSIL unlisted shares is confirmed with the intermediary at a trading price.
  2. Some KYC documents required cording to the SEBI regulations are provided to the financial intermediary such as client master report, PAN Card, Cancelled cheque, and many others. 
  3. Bank details are provided to the client by the intermediary so that funds can be transferred to that account.
  4. The modes of payment to be used are RTGS/NEFT/IMPS cheque transfer. Cash deposits are not accepted.
  5. The same account is to be used for the payment in which shares are to be credited. 
  6. At last, purchased shares are transferred in 24 hours in a case when funds are credited before 2 pm.

What is the lock-in period of CTSIL shares?

The lock-in period depends on different categories of investors. 

The lock-in period for Venture Capital Funds or Alternate investment Fund (category 1 or 2) is of 6 months from the date of acquisition of CTSIL unlisted shares.

The lock-in period for other investors is six months from the date of listing of the IPO of CTSIL unlisted shares.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about Capgemini shares, especially their current price and procedure of buying these unlisted shares, what are you waiting for? Contact any reputable financial intermediary and buy unlisted shares online.

Discover The Hidden Potential of Your Gold

Discover The Hidden Potential of Your Gold

Looking to sell your gold in return for some quick cash? The first thing that would have emerged in your mind is cash for gold jewellery.  It is a great way to unlock the hidden value of your gold and in the process earn some cash. Let us figure out the benefits of gold and cash exchange and ensure that you get the best out of the process.

People who require quick cash indulge in the process of selling gold for cash. Since gold is a valuable commodity, it becomes easy to sell it for cash. At the same time, the process is easy to sell gold for cash. The entire process is hardly going to take a few minutes as you will have cash in your hand. Below are some of the benefits of gold exchange cash in detail

Quick cash in your hand

The major benefit of selling gold is that you will have cash instantly. In comparison to other investments gold can be sold for cash as there is no need to wait for weeks or months to obtain cash. The moment you agree on the price you can walk out with cash in hand.

A higher value for the old gold

When you are selling your old gold, you obtain higher value in terms of cash than elsewhere. The reason being gold has a thriving market as the demand would be always on the higher side. At the same time, the value of gold increases over time so you end up selling something more valuable than what you think.

There are no middlemen

When you are selling gold for cash there is no middlemen involved. What this means is that you get an opportunity to retain all the profits. You may also sell the gold directly to the buyer which ensures you will be getting the best price when it comes to your gold.

Hassle-free and an easy process

Gold exchange cash is a hassle-free and simple process. Just you need to take your gold to a reputed dealer as they would evaluate and provide a worthy price for your needs. The moment you agree on a price you may walk out with cash in hand. Since the process is quick and easy you do not have to go through a lot of hassles and documentation.

Transparent pricing

When you are selling gold for cash you can expect a degree of transparency in pricing. A reputed seller is going to provide you with fair pricing based on the weight of the gold You may also check the breakdown of the pricing to have an idea about the exact pricing of the gold.

There is no obligation to sell

When you take your gold to a gold shop then you are under no obligation to sell. The logic is simple if you are not happy with the price you can walk away. This provides you with the freedom to shop around and obtain the best price for your gold.

Maximizing Value The Advantages of Selling Gold for Cash

Maximizing Value: The Advantages of Selling Gold for Cash

If you are in a tight financial situation or trying to free up space, quick cash for gold on selling could be a wise choice. For a considerable time, gold has held immense worth and appeal as a precious object due to its superior convertibility into liquid assets. Selling old gold belongings such as jewelry, coins, or other gold items can offer numerous advantages for monetizing their worth. Additionally other than a simple and convenient method for accessing fast cash, it also enables you to take advantage of the current gold market valuation. This article delves into the numerous benefits of exchanging your gold for cash and how to get the best value on selling gold.

Benefits of Selling Gold For Money

Numerous advantages come with gold cash exchange. Some are as follows:

  • Rapid cash availability is ensured by exchanging your gold for money. In contrast to other forms of property that may require a considerable time to get sold, gold possesses immense liquidity and can easily get exchanged for cash. This can prove extremely advantageous during financial crises or when you urgently need funds for unexpected situations or other personal needs.
  • For centuries, gold has maintained its value as an esteemed commodity, exhibiting consistent preservation of its worth over a considerable period. Profiting from the market value of gold is possible by selling it during periods of high prices. The exchange of gold for money presents a favorable opportunity to capitalize on market conditions and obtain a reasonable valuation for your possessions.
  • By selling your gold possessions, you can eliminate unnecessary items and simplify your belongings, to make a more organized and uncluttered living space. As time passes, you may have gathered different pieces of gold that have become unnecessary for your current use or style. 
  • By selling your outdated or worn-out gold jewelry for cash, you open up an opportunity to upgrade to newer and trendier pieces. One can convert their outdated gold into cash and utilize the amount to acquire jewelry that aligns with their present taste or invest in other desired objects.
  • The money you receive from the sale of your gold allows for the versatile use of funds. Having cash at your disposal offers you the flexibility to distribute it according to your unique objectives and aspirations, whether it be for clearing debts, unforeseen costs, investing in other ventures, or financing personal endeavors.

Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Gold in Today’s Market

If you possess gold jewelry or other possessions that are no longer needed or desired, selling them can be a smart approach to generate additional funds. It’s crucial to adopt certain techniques and guidelines if you want to obtain the most favorable price for your gold in the current market. Consider the following tips:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the present market status before disposing of your gold. Keep yourself informed about the current status and trends of gold prices. By doing this, you can gain insight into what to anticipate and equip yourself to discuss a reasonable cost.
  • Avoid accepting the initial proposal presented to you. Instead of settling for one quote, it is advisable to obtain quotes from several buyers. By doing this, you can make a comparison of prices and select the option that gives you the optimum worth for your gold. You may want to explore the option of obtaining quotes from nearby jewelers, reliable online gold buyers, and pawn shops to ensure you receive a varied selection of offers.
  • To assess the extent of its purity, the karat measurement is typically used for gold. The greater the karat value, the more refined the gold. Gain knowledge about the karat value of your gold possessions and its potential impact on their value. Items made of gold with a higher degree of karat usually command more expensive prices.
  • The weight of your gold articles holds a significant influence on the compensation you earn. Make sure you are mindful of the significance of your gold’s weight in determining its worth. It is important to consider that certain purchasers might reduce a slight proportion of the total price to accommodate expenses related to refining.
  • It is essential to vend your gold to buyers who possess a good reputation and can be trusted. Efficiently search for reputable jewelers, gold traders, or internet purchasers who possess satisfactory feedback and a proven history of just deals. By doing so, you can guarantee a just valuation and a hassle-free transaction.
  • To ensure the authenticity of your gold, it’s essential to maintain it well and offer it in optimal condition when looking to sell. One should not use harmful chemicals as they can harm the metal’s surface. Make sure that the gold is in good shape and to ensure its longevity, handle them with care. Displaying gold in good condition can enhance your bargaining power to secure a better deal.
  • Timing is a crucial factor to consider if you want to obtain the optimal value for your gold. Closely monitor the direction of the market and take advantage of lucrative opportunities by selling at peak prices. If you feel emotionally connected to your gold belongings, selling them during peak demand periods like holidays or wedding seasons would be a wise decision.

To sum up, selling to gold buyers or other trusted places can provide you with various advantages. You can quickly obtain the cash you require to satisfy your financial demands by leveraging the worth of your gold. By selling your gold, you can effectively get rid of the unnecessary items in your jewelry box or release pieces that don’t hold emotional significance anymore. You have the chance to make the most of the prevailing market rates and guarantee a just price for your gold. To ensure a profitable and hassle-free transaction, it is important to conduct thorough research on the market, gather multiple quotes, and select reliable gold buyers while being diligent.